We support youth through Enrichment & Adventure learning engagements in order to provide experiential approaches in all facets of a young person’s life.


This yoga and meditation-based peacebuilding program is a proven social-emotional curriculum that builds leadership and self-regulating skills through a basic yoga and meditation practice, building non-violent communication skills and developing a language of feelings culminating in the design of a service learning project that puts new found skills into use. Peace Within YOUth currently operates in 8 Chicago Public Schools.


A personal and leadership development program that guides youth through four stages of progressing education. Beginning with exploration of self in level one, the program build into themes of social justice and community activism, internship in level three culminating in our signature Peacemaker certification.  LumenKids graduate ready to enter the world knowing who they are and how to explore further, how to hold space of dialogue and conflict, how to hold a peace circle and how to fail forward in life.  This program is for ages 13-19 years.


Invite us to your site to host group facilitation, team building , conflict resolution or an amazing afternoon!  We have a very large bag of tricks that will have your group engaged, learning and growing together!


Like the sound of our Peace Within YOUth or Project Find Yourself curriculum?  Invite us in for a workshop!  We bring energy, engagement and deep learning wherever we go.


Our signature outdoor programs provide experiential learning for youth locally and internationally as well as excursions for the whole family.

  • Family Campout, Kettle Moraine Southern Unit, September 1-4, 2017, All Ages & Abilities