We support youth through Enrichment & Adventure learning engagements in order to provide experiential approaches in all facets of a young person’s life.


Middle school and high school youth are guided through a comprehensive yoga and meditation class infused with the basics of Nonviolent Communication skills.  In the first level of PWY the focus is on Feelings Literacy or building a vocabulary of actual feelings words that allow students to safely share their experiences while the rest of the group practices Deep Listening.  The 10-12 week curriculum builds on these foundation skills as students learn to hold space for each other’s feelings sharing, deep listening and guided yoga & meditation practice.  Some high-performing groups will graduate to a service learning (engagement learning) project where they apply leadership skills and content knowledge in their communities.  Past projects have included: Creating peace rooms at schools, teaching to little brothers and sisters, mentoring at local elementary and middle schools, teaching practices to sports teams or other groups & art projects such as creating yoga mat bags and eye pillows to sell and raise funds for students with financial need.   

Program Goals:

  • Learn a basic yoga and meditation practice and are provided with support materials so students can continue to practice on their own
  • Learn about how practices aid in reducing violence, focusing the mind for exams and  studies and managing high-stress situations in life
  • Cultivate high-level communication skills using the Non-Violent Communication model
  • Relate breathing, relaxation and language of feelings to violence reduction, peace-building and restorative practices
  • Cultivate leadership through teaching what students have learned
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem through self-empowerment practices

Program Outcomes:

  • Learn a basic yoga, meditation & relaxation practice for self-care
  • Build a Language of Feelings and learn Deep Listening
  • Lay a foundation for leadership in peace circles and peacebuilding practices
  • Engage in social-emotional learning and personal wellness practices
  • Connect to community through engagement learning


This unique curriculum provides youth ages 13-19 with an experiential space to explore who they are, their key interests and methods of how to create multiple life visions. We learn how to identify key skills they will require to manifest their visions and the various traditional and non-traditional ways of how to obtain them.  This curriculum progresses through four levels and at each level essential interpersonal, communication and self-dialogue skills are expanded upon and reinforced.  The four stages are themed as:

  1. A Personal Vision Quest
  2. Into Community: Activism and Deep Listening
  3. Internship – Learning By Doing
  4. The Peacemaker Certification

Topics ranging from values and personality types to learning styles and collaborative-communication skills are cultivated through creative, playful and interactive activities that utilize both logical and creative approaches.  Use of digital resources, video, film and the internet is balanced with learning the basics of Non-Violent Communication, mind mapping, and self-care.  By exploring the landscape within, youth empower and educate themselves inspired by the constantly morphing vision of life they create and hold for themselves.  

Program Goals:

  • Learn how life is an unending journey of dreams, visions, attempts and failures and learn how to ‘fail forward’
  • Explore ways of visioning that resonate with your unique way of thinking and being
  • Identify your ‘superpowers’ (inherent gifts) and ‘latent talents’ (dormant gifts ready to be awakened)
  • Learn a basic framework of Non-Violent Communication to mitigate interpersonal and community conflict
  • Explore how you best work in a collaborative setting
  • Define the key communication and interpersonal relating skills you will require in your life vision and how to obtain them
  • Create and define a container of self-care that identifies key tools and scaffolds towards a daily investment

Program Outcomes:

  • Immersion into key activities in personal development layer of community leadership development
  • Knowledge of right and left brain self-exploration methods that speak to the individual’s learning style and needs
  • Basic skills set in Non-Violent Communication: Feelings Literacy, I-centered language, Action Words and Paraphrasing
  • Working definition of self-care that is reasonable, culturally relevant and inviting
  • A working mission statement for life


Invite us to your site to host group facilitation, team building , conflict resolution or an amazing afternoon!  We have a very large bag of tricks that will have your group engaged, learning and growing together!


Like the sound of our Peace Within YOUth or Project Find Yourself curriculum?  Invite us in for a workshop!  We bring energy, engagement and deep learning wherever we go.


Our signature outdoor programs provide experiential learning for youth locally and internationally as well as excursions for the whole family.

  • Family Campout, Kettle Moraine Southern Unit, September 1-4, 2017, All Ages & Abilities