15 Apr
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The Role of Global Citizenship

A global citizen is a person who sees the world they live in as a globe of interconnected persons and is prepared to take responsibility for their role and its effect on the all of Earth’s inhabitants.  Global citizenship begins with a ethic of interconnectedness.  It then develops towards a particular skills set that enables this person to make decisions that take into account a larger perspective than their own.  A larger scope is empowered to critically analyze, problem solve and identify shared resources and methods to protect them for long-term use.  Global Citizenship thrives with ethic of non-consumption and shared resources.  In practice, Global Citizenship asks us to get uncomfortable and proximate with the peoples, languages, and methods other than our own.  It cultivates an ethic of dialogue.  Global Citizenship invites us to ask the hard questions of ourselves.  We must ask what our individual skills and talents are and what are the latent talents within yet to be developed?  To truly realize Global Citizenship we must possess and ethic of self-exploration.  When these skills of cross-cultural communication, critical analysis, problem solving, conflict resolution and self-exploration are combined with an ethic of interconnectedness, non-consumption & protection of shared resources, dialogue and knowledge of self,  we will be assuming the role of the Global Citizen and can truly envision a future of togetherness where all of Earth’s inhabitants are given an opportunity to thrive.


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