14 Feb
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Welcome to LumenKids!

Welcome to the future!  This future is one that we can create together, in sustainability.  This organization and community is an opportunity to create learning experiences that will equip young persons with a full, robust tool kit to create their vision of the future.  LumenKids is a investment in the young adults that will steward this vision and be able to manage the inordinate amount of stresses that come along with being a trailblazer.  We named this organization LumenKids, as a Lumen is measurement of light output.  In order to measure the light output of a lightbulb, for example,  the Lumen is the space defined to measure it.  We at LumenKids believe that the youth of today and their future are bright.  We believe there are more technologies and innovations to come from this youth as emerging adults.  Join us in fostering a community to create whole, sounds adults ready to take on the challenges presented and live the life that they want!


Lumen Kids